With a correct application and necessary documents, a provisional certificate of registration (provisional certificate of registry) is first issued by VMSL. This first requires a confirmation of class, dated no earlier than 10 days prior to registration of the vessel, which will be provided by LMS after the necessary inspections. This is followed by a callsign and a Vanuatu MMSI code that must be encoded in the EPIRB (emergency positioning indicating radio beacon). 

If necessary, a waiver will also be issued due to the age (20 year age limit) of the ship and a waiver for a foreign company (ownership) other than a company based in Vanuatu. There will also be a provisional ship radio station license, which must be supplemented by the ship owner with all necessary radio equipment. Also, part of the registration concerns the crew of the ship. LMS can help you start the registration and the necessary documents. For questions, please contact us

Not only the technical side is important to register a ship. The crew is also assessed. For example, the validity of navigation licenses and the different ranks required to safely sail the ship are examined. It may also be the case that a ship security officer must be on board. All this is part of the minimum safe manning certificate issued by VMSL.